the TWINS!

The lovely parents of twins David and Natalie asked that I take some shots of the now four year olds. They warned me though, that they're a handful. As a twin myself, I was excited to meet these kids!

David was very uninterested in the camera and would look away whenever he had the chance. Natalie seemed to be the more fearless one out of the two. 

Sure, they weren't on their "best behavior" but what child should be? They have character, and that's way more interesting than the "perfect pose." I mean, look at these faces!

With their proud pappa. 

I particularly love this photo. The parents know, though it wasn't the shot they were looking for, where everyone's eyes were on the camera, they wouldn't have it any other way.

Anto's 3rd Birthday

Let me introduce you to Anto, an extremely adorable kid who is full of the world's energy. He will literally run circles around you. 

His birthday was Lego-themed which was brilliant. The cake and sweets were Legos. 

And now, the awesomely crazy family (and friends)!

The proud parents!

Thank you for letting me be a part of it!