My background as an artist stems from an internal truth comprised of pure creative expression. My line is spontaneous and organically evolves from moment to moment; I start with one shape or line and continuously guides my pen along the paper adding more lines and shapes until an image is revealed. 

I enjoy writing about people who bring something to humanity, and events that are intended to do good for the world. Writing is my outlet to voice my thoughts, and hope that others read them, disagree with them, agree with them, hate them, love them. If I am able to educate or spark something new in someone, it means I've done something right.

This world, in all its chaos, has more beauty and serenity than most eyes see. Photography allows me to capture it, and it is my outlet to share it with the world – without explanation, allowing the viewers to come up with their own narrative. 

About Me

I consider myself a citizen of the world.

I love travel, photography, reading, history, philosophy, nature, different cultures, and getting to know people.

I hold a Masters of Sciences in Environment and Sustainable Development from the University of College London, and a Bachelors of Arts in History from the University of California, Los Angeles. 

Ani Garibyan