Ava's 1st Birthday and Atamnahatik

So what's an atamnahatik (atamhatik, agrahadig)? 

It's an Armenian tradition, a celebration of the baby's first tooth. Career based objects are placed in front of the baby and legend has it, that whatever object he or she chooses first is what their profession will be. 

Prediction has it, that Ava will become a doctor!

As a history buff, I love the fact that this tradition continues from one generation to the next. Sometimes what you choose as a baby isn't what your profession turns out to be. I grabbed a compact (you know, the mirror/powder combo) and I'd say I'm far from knowing what to do with it. But perhaps it meant that I would be taking photos of beauty. 

No Armenian celebration is complete without a proper dinner, a toast or two, kids, family, music, dancing and amazing dresses.