Zorthian Ranch

Bride and Groom

I was quite hesitant to share these photos because they are those of my close and dear friends. It’s of their special day – a day that brought immense joy to those who know them.

The short story is this – as their wedding ceremony concluded, the wedding party rushed to Zorthian Ranch for their photo session. I had heard of this place years ago and was fortunate enough to go there as the couple was scouting locations. For close to 30 minutes, as I was standing at the church parking lot talking to the various people I’ve come to know. Then I said to my sister, “Let’s go!” and texted the married couple and said, “I can’t stand it! I’m coming!”

I am so glad that I decided to drive up to the ranch for their photo shoot. It gave me a chance to participate in this portion of their wedding day and to take some shots myself.

So, here is a glimpse…