FYI Series: Hugh Hefner, a Puritan?

Englishman, William Bradford was born in the late 1500's. He was highly religious and left the Church of England (an institution that was not religious enough for him) to join the Separatists; a Puritan branch. 

In 1620, he set sail the Mayflower for the Americas, to Plymouth, and was one of the first Pilgrims to settle in the Americas. After the quick death of the first governor of Plymouth Colony, he was elected governor. 

The colony was considered to be one of the most efficient and well run colonies in the Americas. Bradford was a firm yet gentle governor. He ran a highly religious and puritan colony and was known to be kind to the Native Americans - who in turn helped the Pilgrims survive. His legacy continues today in form of a national holiday: Thanksgiving.

Bradford ensured his people lived a God fearing life, taking example from him. Adultery, drunkenness, games, and ungodly passion was not allowed in his colony. 

The colony continued to run smoothly and religiously even after Bradford's death. The colony's independence did not last long, but even so, the community of Plymouth and its families continued to live Puritan lives for centuries.

Perhaps the most well known descendant of Bradford was his grandson, many generations removed - the infamous yet not so Puritan, Hugh Hefner.

I guess what stuck there was the ability and know-how to run an efficient colony.

See a resemblance? 

**The FYI Series is meant to introduce historical context of pop-culture. Some of the stories have been proven by historians and some are still debated. I suggest taking these as a light read, as it is not meant to be a historical paper.**