Cher in Armenia

The Fall of an Empire - USSR

September 21, 1991 marks Armenia's Independence Day from the Soviet Union. Over 70 years under Soviet rule, it was unfathomable to see this "mighty" power fall. 

Independence did not only come to Armenia - other countries such as Estonia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Lithuania also gained independence. This power that helped bring down Hitler and the Nazi's, and kept the United States in fear of the concept of Communism, collapsed, unintentionally freeing its "subjects."

That's where my history lesson ends for the day... well, almost. The Soviet Union had two "Gods," Lenin and Stalin, and the worshiping of these two mortals was evident in the countries conquered - statues of Lenin and Stalin stood tall, looking down toward the people they ruled over. These compiled photos are so symbolic that I had to share them with you. As countries took on independence, they tore down the symbols that kept freedom from them.

One of my favorite political theorists, Thomas Paine, taught me in his writings, that the greatest force, stronger than any government is its people. The people not only outnumber members of government but also allow governments to exist. If the people do not believe in their government or style of government, it will eventually not exist. If the people want change, their government will have to oblige, or disappear.