Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

My sister was (and still is) a huge Dr. Quinn fan. So I surprised her with a visit to Dr. Quinn's town.  

For those who don't know who Dr. Quinn was, she was the main character in the series, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", who was, as you probably guessed, a doctor. She moved to Colorado Springs from Boston. As you can imagine, her life in Colorado was very different than in Boston. She now had to adjust to life in the wild west. 

Her show was filmed in Paramount Ranch, in Agoura (about 30-45 minutes from Los Angeles). The land was purchased by Paramount in the late 1920's. The studio created a "Western Town" that still stands today. Movies that were filmed at the ranch include: (1937), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938), Geronimo (1939), The Streets of Laredo (1949), etc.

The ranch was purchased by William Randolph Hearst (of the Hearst Castle) from Paramount in the 1950's, building permanent wild-west props. 

The ranch has a beautiful stream, amazing oak trees, and short hiking trails. Admission is FREE and it wasn't very crowded. It's a cool place to check out some Hollywood/Western history.

For those who watched Dr. Quinn, it's as if you stepped back in time, to the 1800's, to where she lived.